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Barna Faithview
Signs of Decline & Hope Among Key Metrics of Faith
Bible on table - by Humble Lamb on Unsplash
Scripture Engagement
What Difference Does Scripture Engagement Make?
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American Bible Society and Harvard Researchers Partner to Quantify the Impact of COVID-19
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Trauma Healing
Baylor University Research: ABS's Bible-based Trauma Healing Program Brings Lasting Healing to Jail Inmates
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State of the Bible
State of the Bible Report: 2021
Media featuring our research
Woman and girls reading Bible - American Bible Society
Christian Post
Millions More Americans Turned To Scripture During Pandemic, Study Suggests
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Christianity Today
COVID-19 Hurts. But the Bible Brings Hope.
Woman with Bible (Credit: Priscilla DuPreez at Unsplash)
Christianity Today
Study: Trauma-Informed Bible Reading Reduces Depression, Anxiety, Anger
What We Do

The ABS Insights team is committed to helping you understand how the message of the Bible transforms nations, cities, churches, and individual lives. Our research and our experience tell us that the Bible makes us more generous, more compassionate, more loving toward our neighbors, and more hopeful about our future in Christ. Together with our talented partners, we collect, develop, and share research that invites curious people to learn more about the transformative power of the Scriptures. We support the church by offering insights into the Bible’s impact and provide knowledge that helps you grow in your understanding of God and his Word. Through our research, we equip you to advocate for the Bible in an increasingly skeptical society.


Research.Bible is a ministry of American Bible Society. Since 1816, our mission has been to help all people experience God through his Word. Today, we work through the church and a global network of Bible Societies to translate and distribute the Bible, engage people with the Bible, and advocate for the Bible’s message of hope here in America and around the world.


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